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and to start, let me say welcome back for i have been away for a long time and much has happened. but, the past is over and the present is slipping away, so i'll focus on whatever i need to in the coming weeks and months.
i once had so much to say and i probably still do. i have checked on a few old friends and will be searching for new ones. its good to see mal is still alive and well. check out the kuinelti link to see what she's up to. today is better than most days this week. all i want for christmas is a trip to the WSOP. i'm not greedy. i don't need 7.5 million. just about $30,000 and i'm content to pay off my mortgage on my own. i was three spots away to winning my entry yesterday. i want to be lauren graham when i grow up. and marry daniel negranu.

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