she never mentions the word addiction~~~~~~
i just have to make it until...


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and i just have to make it to may sixth because thats when the best friend gets married. and then busy season starts and i just have to make it to july sixth when its over. and then i just have to make it to october sixth (well, third actually, but that does sound as cool.) because thats when i graduate. yes, for anyone who's tracked my life when i kept this regularly, i'll graduate, from college. was trying to get it in before september so i would come in under the ten year mark, but no luck. but i'll have the all important piece of paper and options. options something i havent had for a while now and something i need. along with a roommate. who pays bills. and has no cats. or scary psycho girlfriends. and having no one around is perfect. i can come home and do...whatever. and its horrific. i haven't left the house once i got home from work since last saturday. mom was here all weekend, but its not the same. ive been exhausted and off my meds and the night closes in and i dont want the pills anymore. and i gained sixtyfive pounds because of the pills and let me tell you how not depressed that makes me.
And I can't help but ask myself how much
I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer

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